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Report - Staplefield Operational Base, Sussex - January 2019


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Staplefield Operational Base

One of Britain's best-kept secrets of World War II was the Home Guard Auxiliary Units, which used the status of the Home Guard as a cover for their real activities.
When a patrol was formed, it had its own underground hideout known as an Operational Base. These were normally built by Canadian solders about to fly home thus adding to the secrecy. I won’t bore you but Subbrit has loads of info.

The Explore
First off, I don’t know why this place is called Staplefield as it’s nowhere near Staplefield, it’s in Ansty, Sussex.

My god this place is well hidden, after over an hour of walking around woodland myself and 3 mates were about to give up. With only 1 tiny forest section left we thought we might as well give it a try then go to the pub.
Bingo – there next to a tiny almost dried up pond we found the entrance. Moods had changed from pissed off to mega excited!!!

How the Jerries would have ever found this place I don’t know!

You can either climb down the normal entrance hidden in the bushes or shuffle down the surprisingly spacious escape tunnel.
Inside are the original bunk-beds, doors and coat hooks, albeit in quite a bad state.

Apologies for the camera phone photos. This was a kinda impromptu visit (we’d wasted way too much time on the Shipley ROC behind the A24 Mc’Donalds). I’m planning to revisit this summer with the dslr.

Fun day in the sun had by all though…:D


The Escape Tunnel, bigger than it looks. (bugger to find)


Inside the tunnel.


Main Entrance.



Remains on the bunk beds (really sorry for the poor quality photos :()



Original coat hooks.


Tunnel from within.



The gatekeeper.
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Good effort, I like this kinda stuff, thanks for sharing :thumb
Thanks. It never ceases to amaze me we have all this hidden history all around us.

Sadly I don't know how much longer this place is going to be around. There's a hole in the roof and some pretty big cracks forming.


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Well done! Good to see it is still standing. Was there any water on the floor inside?