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Report - Strathmartine Hospital, Dundee - January 2015


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Strathmartine Hospital was established as the Badlovan Hospital in Jan 1855 as an orphanage, hospital and place of education and training for 'imbecile' children, the first of its kind in Scotland. It was funded mainly from the benevolence of Sir John and Lady Jane Ogilvy, voluntary contributions and fees. In 1856 name changed to Baldovan Asylum, in 1858 licenced under the Luancy Act. In 1867 the orphanage moved and the Asylum concentrated on care and education of handicapped children. It expanded physically in 1901 with new buildings and in 1925 the trustees formed an incorporation with the countries of Aberdeen, Angus, Kincardine and Perth to manage the hospital and provide for children of all 4 counties. The hospital was decommissioned in stages from the mid 1980s, closing completely in 2003. The hospital site was sold to a property development company in May 2005.

A quick visit as we were on our way elsewhere at the time, but it would have been rude no to stop off here for a look around. Really trashed but theres some nice decay in places, surprised whats there now still survives after all this time really. Visited with Krypton.












av u seen my marbels
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Doubt we will make it... Only a flying visit. 20 hour drive up here. Spent 36 hours here with my poorly granny and heading home at 4am.... Seen some good potential sites dotted about. Going to hit them up in the summer when we come back.