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Report - Sweden -Civil Defence Command center from World War 2 in deep bedrock


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The rest of Europe is of course nice, but my UE-heart is always deep in the Swedish bedrock... :cool:

As usual, I apologize for my bad English, but I hope you can understand the context...

There had been concern in Europe throughout the 1930s, boot tread from Germany had been heard for years all the way to Sweden, and after 1-3 September 1939 Sweden was faced with a fait accompli, 2nd World War had broken out....

Sweden had at that time a large amount of heavy industry, from mining, through the glass works and engineering, to various forms of steel mills. Now there was a feverish activity, in case an attack by Germany Sweden had to protect and save what could be saved, especially the workers at all these different industries.

During World War II onwards, there was both Works Home Guard and Industrial / Business Home Guard, later known collectively as Operation Shielding. Their task was to defend the local factory / business.

In addition to Industrial / Business Home Guard there was also complete protection. The protection works were part of Civil Defence and the task was to assist in the protection of its facilities and personnel in major industries, including leading the rescue efforts.

In addition to effective protection, it was air protection an important part. Air Protection was largely based on optical observations (note, record, collect, communicate) data were then introduced at a number of Air Protection Centers. This information is relayed then promptly to both the military (Air Force / Air Defence) and the "Civil Defence", often in the form of Work Safety centers that could prepare the plant site for a possible bombing attack, the evacuation of staff and plan for rescue and fire fighting works.

So... I was 70 years later down in a damp cavern under a small industrial town somewhere in Sweden ... Hard to find concrete facts, but all signs indicate that it is a rock shelter that was built during the late 1930/early 1940. As with similar systems from the same time as the plant had several functions.

First, it was a shelter for people and workers in industry in the vicinity, a number of downs with wide staircases confirm this theory. First, there's so there are spaces for both the Central and Air Protection Administration Centre. It also seems to have been some form of backup power that is now removed.

One can then ask what happened to that facility after the second World War was over? Yes, that one can think about. Does not look as if you made any major updates, but really just left it as it was (except that dismantled the reserve power). A wonderful relic from the period around World War 2, and a little startling that the facility and space even last this many years later!


The entire gallery/visit, 35 pictures, HERE: http://www.benkar.se/glomdarum/galleri/Civilforsvar-Totalforsvar/VerkskyddLuftskyddSkyddsrum/















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