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Report - The Works Drain, (Re-visited) Manchester - October 2010.


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Present: Ojay, Woodburner, MJS, Millhouse, Sho, Fox & Duff.


Halloween, and what to do?

We started the night by assembling in the Ghetto, soon joined by some wrong uns from Brapford in a plastic pig :D

We cracked open the cid0r whilst we waited for Sho & Millhouse to arrive...FFS.

It was always on the cards to re-visit this place, as for me it's one of the most interesting drains in Manchestaa.

It's also one of the oldest, "built in the 1890's" with it's dressed stone Outfall & Red & Blue 2-tone brick pipe it's a fine example of Victorian engineering.

It also appears to have had a good Flush since I was last here back in March. Having said that it was a bit grim in parts, and still a fine array of toilet peripherals hanging around (lovely).

'Getting in' was Lulz, as only 2 out of the 7 of us had wad0rs, so we used my spare pair to relay the others accross the river. This wasted a good 30 minutes dicking around in the Irk.

Once in, it was hilarity form start to finish, as we headed further in we got to the point where the wellies breached, unlucky for some, but shouts to Millhouse & Sho who were soaked in fresh by the time we reached the main chamber, and emptied a shit tonne of arse soup out of their wellies :D

Fry me a liver....


In we go - 10ft RBP


that goes on


and on, until it gets rocky, hence the 'works'


Eventually we came to the main junction, I waited back to watch Sho & Millhouse man up through the arse soup! (LOL).

The drain fairy is still watching over ;)


Eventually we made it to the staircase


This section was quite turdtastic last time I was here, and when we reached the top, the water was crystal clear

On the left, the smaller set of steps upto the overflow chamber


Once up it was time for the unlucky few to empty the festering water out of their wellies - Sho warming his feet up :D


P37 - Main overflow chamber


Some of us jumped down into 'Inhospitable', here the Moston Brook, as well as all manner of fresh flows through, WB loved it down here!


After all it was Halloween...


We seemed to be down here an age, WB loved splashing around in the fresh, he just wouldn't come back up.....Brap


We eventually climbed up the age old brick shaft for a quick look at the penstock controls above


Before GTFO, and making our way back out to the Outfall


Despite the grimness & soaking it was a blast, shouts to everyone who turned up :thumb