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Question - what your biggest "oh s**t " moment?

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Bikin Glynn

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I did have a bit of a moment doing a unexplored engine shaft in the Gwdir, once down the main shaft the tunnel went under then back under where we were standing, then there was a oval hole through top of a tunnel. the hole was about 2ft x 1ft.
so we srt down cos we could see old mine track below, but getting back up was trickier than I anticipated.

to explain I pulled the rope down for mate so when he moved his body up his chest croll would take another bite thus allowing him to slowly inch up the rope, however with noone below me every movement I made was just lifting the rope & I was getting nowhere!
My arms were above hole so I couldnt get them down to put tension on rope. there was nothing to push off as it was like hanging through the neck of a bottle.
I couldnt raise my knee as it was at ceiling of lower tunnel so I couldnt push up any more on my foot loop!

I didnt panic too much & my mate could of pulled me from top but really wanted to get out of situation myself which obviously I eventually did, but hanging there for 10 min or so did get my arse twitching a bit


Teim scoobs
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Slipped and impaled my leg on a paraside fence at wade pottery only to find on the next visit how easy entry was at the other end of the site.

At wades again whilst walking across the rippling carpet on the top floor my foot went through a hole in the floor covered by said carpet, went up to my groin and when I tried to pull myself out the floor around me started breaking up.

2 important lessons learnt at that place.


Chillin at the structure
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Two standout, one of which I’m too para to put on a public thread 😭 but the other is opening a door into the accommodation quarters of a ‘laid up’ oil tanker/drill ship we had climbed up the guy ropes of, and there being a person sitting at a desk

Esoteric Eric

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Top kek but I know it’s a certain pair of headlights coming on pointed towards a certain gate…
Ha ha yeah, that's a great story. My other genuine one I've told many times is at the former brewery turned green waste recycling plant at South Milford. Walking along the pitch dark basement and stepped off in to no man's land. Holes in the floor at the bottom of hoppers, churning up the green waste in to liquid. Went neck deep not knowing what had happened, with potentionally spinning death machines in the bottom. Smelt absolutely foul. Plant was live as well, had to bail out dripping in filth and get in the van. Never did get the smell out of the van, ended up scrapping it


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I have many tales involving the shift in the abdomen from contented peace to 'holy fuck I need to evacuate these bowels right about now' most notable being at Kallo power station in Antwerp and the only available, unlocked toilet resembling the one out of trainspotting with shit after shit on top of eachother, which I added to without any sense of relief.

Others, non scatalogically related:

Tweek and I mooching in a derp (or not derp) mill in Marsden about 10 years ago. We tripped an alarm by opening an electric roller shutter from inside and the angriest man in Yorkshire (Hi Pete) stalked the building for ages searching for us whilst we stood upstairs half hidden in a cupboard with our knees trembling. He called the old bill but I managed to placate him by offering him seggies of my SPLORESNAKK (a satsuma)

Carreau Wendel Coal Washery: One of the plate steel (rusty AF) walkway panels that bridged gaps between machinery and more solid surfaces flipped like a trap door when I walked across it opening a 4 storey chasm to certain painful death below. I managed to grab an equally rusty balustrade that bent under the stress of being asked to support a surprising weight, and by sheer luck, positioning and gravitational momentum I was able to swing myself back around to relative safety. Quite distressing at the time I recall.

West Bromwich Spring Works Those who visited here may recall that access was made by climbing the leading edge of a semi demolished wall that had handily created a toothed brick ladder up to roof level. Some devious soul had doused the edges of the protruding bricks with machine grease. Ascending was fine but throughout the entire explore I was anxiously trying to clock an easier way out to avoid the slippery bricks. To no avail, on descending the greasy bricks my left hand slipped off from what felt like 15-20feet up and was very close to tumbling backward, that was unpleasant.

Walking into security (literally) at Bergwerk West and being shown the door swiftly, in German

Spending 40 mins digging a hole under a fence at ArcelorMittall Hayange with a metal dildo and a shoe before being jumped on by S3CC4 and les Gendarmes "For you, urbex in France, is over"

I'm sure there's more but these are the ones that come to mind with my poor power of mental recall from the last 15 years.


Drama Queen
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I nearly forgot about the war rooms at Brislington. Don’t fuck about with the ventilation system :rofl



Irresponsible & Reckless
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So many stories. Good thread.

@jST i remember laying face down in between the palisade fences at Bradford Odeon with you circa 2011 while the 5-0 sat at the traffic lights staring in our direction and Kook and Muttley laughing at us from the other side of the wall. That was hilarious.


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Another one actually was on the way back from a Wales trip, we called into Coventry Stadium and found it on fire. Heard the flames before I saw them, walked into the grounds and saw 10 foot high flames shooting out of a room in the corner, gave me goosebumps and still makes me feel a bit gooey to this day. It can't have been started long before we arrived. Stood there and watched it burn for about an hour then carried on home.
Think I actually uttered the words "oh shit" so seems fitting for this thread.

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Useful Idiot
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So many stories!

Me and @stranton once surfaced from some service tunnels into a live maternity ward, those poor nurses looked so confused

I also went through a soft floor at Burnley Empire circa 2015

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