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Report - Yarn Spinner - Meltham - January 2017

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Yarn Spinner - Meltham


This was the second culvert of the day after Child Snatcher further up the valley. It turned out to be a topsy turvy explore in the end. I had a good idea where the upper end was, but had failed earlier in the week to find the outfall. The culvert runs under a large industrial complex with quite a few different companies on it, the name comes from one which is a spinning company as I don't think this has been done before?

As I found the top that is where I started, after about 100m and inside the industrial site there was a nice weir, this ended up in a deep pool! I retreated and went looking for the downstream end. A fun wander through woods and with the cover of doing a water vole survey I managed to get to the downstream entrance. The report and photos start here.

The culvert is fantastic, many different construction techniques having been used over the years, old pipes and supports and even a bit of asbestos. Another substantial sized culvert and well over 400m long.

Inside you soon see the industrial connections to this culvert.


Hopefully the pipe's no longer in use, many fixings are well rotten.


The whole culvert is criss crossed with old cast iron sections of pipe. Some sections lie in the stream bed and look like old cannons (not the cameras thankfully).


Loads of bends keep leading you upstream, lots of pipes in the roof too.


Transition from a stone barrel to concrete wall in this section.


A nice transition back to stonework at this point as well as the old pipe hangers minus the pipes.


More concrete and pipes hanging from the roof.


A nice section where the asbestos lagging has become exposed on the pipes, probably storm damage. Easy and safe enough to avoid, you just have to remember that it's there.


Looking back at the previous section and transition again to stonework.


I just loved all the features in this culvert, they just keep on coming.


Long section of stonework, just a nice place to be.


First sign of light for a long time, presumed this was linking back with the upper section I had already been in.


Sure enough I ended up at the weir I had descended earlier in the trip. The section of still water infant of the weir is at least waist deep, this time of year I prefer to stay dry.


Next section of photos are of the short upper section taken earlier in the day. The weir is a great feature.


Looking down at the short open section and the top of the weir.


Upstream of the weir the culvert splits, both are just short sections, but another great feature.


And this is the upstream end of the culvert, where it all started a couple of hours before.


Well that's it, 2 stunning culverts in a day, as far as I know neither have been reported. This has to be my favourite of the day and is high on the list of ones I've been down.