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  1. harborcoat

    Report - Rose Downs & Thompson - Hull - March 2022

    Explored about a week ago. Sorry, the photos aren't great Rose Downs & Thompson was/is a manufacturer of oil press equipment, and in the past also produced oil themselves. This site was in use from around 1890 to 1996, with the company being sold in 1988. The site contains the current foundry...
  2. harborcoat

    Lead or Rumour info - ISIS Oil Mills - Hull - any ideas?

    Hey. My first post here. I'm bored of all the buildings in Hull and the surrounding area. Have also come to the realization that if you wanna find somewhere special, you're gonna have to go and do it yourself. So, I've started researching, using a few sites to find disused/important buildings...
  3. U

    Report - Lord Line Trawler Company Building (First Report)

    Lord Line Trawler Company, St Andrews Quay, Hull. So this is my first report, I know this one has been done to death but I thought I'd tell my story of how I got my start. This building was opened in 1949 as a home for the Lord Line Trawler Company,the largest deep water fishing fleet in the...
  4. J

    Report - Abandoned Country homes, Near market weighton, East Yorkshire

    We are very local to this area so we set out that morning to find something new (12/09/20), after about half an hour of scrolling over random inhabited houses, we stumbled across these, located in a place called Foggathorpe, these houses are said to have been built a number of years ago, when...
  5. J

    Lead or Rumour info - New to urbex.. Based in Hull..

    Hi all, I'm new to urbex and would love to know if there's anything in Hull I should check out?.. Done the Lord line.. Always up for meeting fellow explorers ... Peace out for now, Jay
  6. Bluedragon

    Report - Lord Line, Hull

    This is the lordline building in Hull, built in 1945 to support the worlds largest deep sea fishing fleet, abandoned in the 1970’s. There have been many plans to demolish it or renovate it over the years but strong public opposition to any plans have seen it slowly rot away. There’s nothing left...
  7. N

    Report - Bookers Building Hull - January 2019

    The bookers building on National Ave in Hull was rather bland, the entirety of the building was empty, albeit a few rooms with items that are completely trashed. Bookers is now placed on St Andrews Quay as an extension to Makro. We stumbled across this area when we were passing, so were...
  8. Q

    Report - 01/01/2019 Hull - Lord Line Dock Building

    My first real explore.. I've done one or two small buildings around here during my lunch hour, but always kept the main Lord Line building for a day when I had more time.. Finally got the time! We spent nearly 4 hours in here. My photography skills are sub-par, the phones (and torches) died...
  9. ShutterBug

    Report - Circus Circus - Hull (May 2018)

    Circus Circus / Hull / May 2018 Circus Circus is a former nightclub situated in the centre of Hull. There's not too much information on the place however using Facebook and Google I've been able to find out that this place closed in 2006. When the building was originally constructed in 1931 it...
  10. ShutterBug

    Report - British Extracting Co. Ltd. Hull. April 2018

    BRITISH EXTRACTING CO. LTD // HULL // APRIL 2018 Explored with @jaws who I explored with in November/December 2017 https://www.28dayslater.co.uk/threads/british-extracting-co-receiving-house-hull-november-2017.110685/ Some stolen history from other posts... This former British Extracting...