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  1. MK83

    Report - Springside Paper Mill, Belmont, Bolton - December 2020

    History - Original built in the early 1800's as a dye works it was converted into a paper mill by Charles Turner & Co in the mid 19th century. It was sold to Canadian company Kruger after 150 years of operation to be used as a tissue factory. It eventually closed in 2007 after almost 200 years...
  2. Toriii

    Report - Toneworks wellington 30/07/2020

    Look a look around Tonedale mills today, first one I was unable to gain access due to work men but I will go back but managed to look around Tone works. History- Built in 1830s and owned and run by the fox brothers. They were originally powdered by water from the tone river that flows through...
  3. Pixels

    Report - Dawson Fabrics, Huddersfield - March 2018

    Greenside Mill was built in 1770 by William Marsden. He acquired Richard Field as an apprentice who later went on to marry Marsden's daughter, and by 1830 was in full control at Greenside. Marsden had previously bought some land which had a stream running through, suitable for damming to form a...
  4. LostPlacesForgottenFaces

    Report - Murphys Machinery aka Imperial Works Mill - Menston, England - March 2020

    MURPHYS MACHINERY AKA IMPERIAL WORKS MILL Menston, England March 2020 I know this one has been done to death (almost literally now) but the last report was over a year ago so here's an update. HISTORY G.L Murphy's Machinery Ltd was an industrial parts manufacturer established in 1930. They...
  5. Five.Claws

    Report - Leeder & Sons Ltd Grain Mill & Granary - Long Stratton, Norfolk - March 2020

    Well, there's no place more self-isolating than an abandoned granary miles from civilisation, so with that excuse ready to use on any military checkpoints and/or Gestapo patrols, today I ventured off into the Norfolk countryside on this (perhaps sarcastically) beautiful March afternoon. I'd...
  6. LostPlacesForgottenFaces

    Report - StoneBridge Mills, Leeds England, Jan 2020

    StoneBridge Mills Leeds, England January 2020 - HISTORY Stonebridge Mill is a Grade II listed building complex that has been empty and disused for a number of decades. It was built around 1805 alongside Wortley Beck, which was used to power its steam engines. By the 1830s, Thomas Pawson had...
  7. LostPlacesForgottenFaces

    Report - Barkerend Mills, Bradford, Jan 2020

    Barkerend Mills Bradford, England January 2020 - HISTORY Barkerend Mills is complex of former steam-powered worsted-spinning mills which began construction in 1815 by the Garnetts family, who owned much of the surrounding land. The Garnetts kept adding more buildings to the complex and the...
  8. Five.Claws

    Report - Glemsford Silk Mill, Suffolk - September 2018(ish)

    I'm back again, catching up on all the reports I've not got around to putting up in the last year and more! This time around, it's an interesting little place tucked away in rural Suffolk. Unfortunately I don't know the history of the place, when it closed and why. It's clearly been abandoned...
  9. DenBickinson

    Report - Dobroyd Mills, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire - 03/09/2019

    Very Brief History: Originally built in 1829 as a mill. Dobroyd Ltd was founded within the mill in 1919. The mill then closed in 1974. It then re-opened in 1976 under John Woodhead Ltd spinners. Until recent years it housed several small almost 'pop-up' businesses (pictured) including a classic...
  10. eddsup

    Report - Woollen Mill, North Tawton, Devon - June 2019

    Woollen Mill in North Tawton, Devon. Been posted in the past but nice to see updates. It has been tidied up and site cleared to make way for building works. They have knocked down the site nearest the Gregory Distribution yard and now started building houses. Soon to build more houses and...
  11. RobbRae

    Report - Westwood mill - Huddersfield

    So yesterday morning I woke up with no idea that I'd be doing my first urban exploration that night. Whilst I've fancied having a go at it for many years now, i didn't think I had the nerve. My brother sent me a video of an abandoned army asylum in america and said we should do something like...
  12. silentpartner

    General - McDougall's Flour Mill - November 2018

    I'm know that this place has been covered in previous threads, but I'm new to Urbexing and wanted to share what is my first real venture into this. McDougall's Flour Mill is about 20 minutes from me so it was the ideal location to start. Easy entry into the grounds and is very quiet. Once...
  13. D

    Report - Rock Nook Mill - Littleborough (With Drone footage)

    The History Rock Nook mill was originally the home of Fothergill and Harvey which was founded in 1847, as a partnership between Thomas Fothergill and Alexander Harvey, the company has been producing technical textiles since 1848. Originally, fabrics were woven from natural fibres such as cotton...
  14. Provingdemons

    Report - Cellars Clough Mill, Marsden, June 2018

    A fascinating site, located in Marsden, I really enjoyed walking through this cotton mill, believed to be shut in the 80's. The amount of bat's here was incredible, they flew around you in big packs like watching a flock of birds. Overall not much is originally left anymore except a few bits...
  15. tips

    Report - Old Lane Mill - Halifax - April 2018

    First thread so forgive me for errors or gaps in information. Second trip here in the same month as the first time both our cameras and phones were mysteriously drained of battery. Odd. Didn't expect it to be accessible as mentioned by a previous report from October 2017 that said every...