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Report - Hallam Towers, Sheffield, June 2012


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We knew this place has been covered by loads of different people so I'll keep it short, we'd tried to go a while back but had to leave when security turned up. All photos were taken by Ben, I'm just uploading the report. Visited this place bright and early on one of the many rainy/foggy days of this Summer, went with JD and ecentually Ben after we persuaded him to get up. Once we were inside we spent a good ten minutes on the lowest two floors as there was still quite a lot to look at in the kitchen/delivery/office areas. Enjoy :)

The maintenencee office on the basement floor

Loved the date on this form that we found on the desk, just under fifteen years old.

This was the grand staircase in the main lobbby area.

Think that these were phone booths, phones had obviously long gone.

The delivery conveyer belt from the basement up to the first floor.

A view from about halfway up, would like to go back on a clear day for the view.

Many a pigeon surprised us by flyin out of rooms straight at our heads.

Halfway up we noticed a bloke in asuit and some vans turn up and come and look round the site, this picture drew their attention and sent us diving for cover as Ben forgot to turn the flash off! :banghead

On the top floor this door creaked under foot and when we moved it away this drop down eight floors was below it.

Hope you enjoyed reading this report, its my first proper attempt at one so any tips and ways to improve would be welcome.
Cheers. SJ92.

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