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Report - Leeds United FC, Elland Rd - November 2011.


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Leeds United FC, Elland Rd



As of March this year, the entire upper section of the East stand has been cleared and ripped out in preperation for a major re-development

An extension to the existing East stand is to include:

A hotel, arcade/concourse area, conference and banqueting facilities, car parking, restaurants, retail, Class A2 uses, museum, nightclub and offices

More info HERE

Having drove past here all week, I suggested to Squirrell we attempt a closer look

After a quick recce we found a comedy way in, with the entire external lit up like an Xmas tree, we had to move fast, evading the cctv and the secca just around the corner

We decided any pics were better than no pics, so we grabbed what we could in case we were busted...

After working our way through the site and clambering scaffold and woodwork we were soon on the up



The top floor appeared to be a plant room, so we made our way down to level 5 only to discover a locked door :banghead

Next up, the new fourth floor - This is going to become the new boxes – (24 new boxes), and the new chairman’s suite & executive lounge

Still very much a building site, the only real feature here was the kitchens



The only lighting was emergency and the odd head torch, other than that the internals were fairly dark in comparison to the outside world

We made our way down to the thrird floor, (all doors were coded and locked), our target the pitch itself :popcorn

This bit of stairwell was slightly lit from one of the 'site' lights


"A whole new experience awaits" eh..?

Well not quite..

As we headed on down to the second floor, Squirrell was busy taking some pics, when all of a sudden we heard noises below making there way towards us

Then within a second the entire place lit up as the main lighting kicked F00k!

Time to run and GTFO! :D

Glad I grabbed this pic earlier :thumb


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