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Report - Pumphouse South Bank Wharf Middlesbrough Feb 2014


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28DL Full Member
Have been looking at this place for years now and always wondered just what it was like inside well the opportunity finally came around recently and it was a bit of a surprise just how big it was it looks nothing from the outside you could say like the tardis. I have reported on this area before but never did the Riverside Pumping house which served the now defunct Cleveland Power station the whole area was once a hive of activity South Bank Wharf being a very busy place with iron ore coming in to feed the blast furnaces of the Cleveland works etc etc. The wharf now is a crumbling death trap of rotting wood very little remains hence the first pic to give you an idea of what it was once like.


The pump house is located just to the right of this pic more or less. This pic is dated from the early 1960s. The wharf closed down many years later as operations transferred to Redcar Blast furnace.


this pic is of the Pump house from about 3 years ago it is now very difficult to wander around these parts due to increased security ball cameras everywhere and with the very busy Teessport almost on the doorstep plus the still active coke works and the major petro chemical works on the opposite side of the River Tees this place deserves extreme caution. Security patrol this area 24/7.


This is the on the riverside itself with the massive timber and concrete supports of the old wharf/jetty now uncared for. Always keep on the look out for the river police too who regularly patrol.


looking up to the now defunct riverside pump house.


Once inside it was almost pitch black in places so apologies for my poor light painting.


The place is now flooded so had to stick to the raised walkways which were in pretty bad condition in places.







Final pic the place was much bigger inside and still a few things to see plus this hasnt been reported on before it was a shame it was flooded too as there appeared to be some smaller rooms lower down still another one off the list. If anyone does fancy a visit keep in stealth mode or PM for further info.

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