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Report - St. Josephs Seminary, Nr Upholland - Feb 2014


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Hey! Been wanting to do this one for a while and i'm really happy to have finally done it :) For sure one of the greatest places i have ever visited and i hope to return soon! :) Overall a good, easy explore.. After exploring the place for about 3 hours we decided to begin our exit, On the way down the stairs we had encountered the PIR sensor that we had walked past several times that day with no alarm at all, just a red light. "No problem." i thought, i just took a quick step across the hall way to start heading to exit, then Goldie walks over and its just the same, i noticed the door at the end of the hallway was open, however it wasn't the past three times we walked past! I say to Goldie: "Somethings not right, we gotta get out now i think." Goldie simply replies: "Yeah."

We began walking and then we hear this absolutely horrible sound.. Hmm, how do i put this into text? "WRAAAAAAAAAAA..." The alarm.. My God, noise has never scared me like this, a f*cking massive shock it was. So we legged it and i mean legged it through the corridors to our exit.
Upon leaving i remember running back through the trees and looking back on the place wailing away, I looked at Goldie and said "Fuck yes.." Gotta say, a high five never felt so appropriate.


St Joseph's College was founded in 1880 by Bishop Bernard O'Reilly to be the Seminary serving the North West of England. The college was formally opened in 1883.
St. Joseph’s (usually referred to by its students simply as "Upholland") was one of two main seminaries serving the north of England. Upholland served the northwest, Ushaw College the northeast. For many years, each of these institutions housed both a junior (minor) and a senior (major) seminary. The junior seminaries provided a secondary education in a semi-monastic environment to boys aged 11–18 who wished to pursue the priesthood, while the senior seminaries trained adult candidates (mostly aged between 18 and 24) in philosophy and theology as they prepared for the priesthood.

Although Upholland flourished until the 1960s, the rapidly changing social climate in that decade led to a sharp drop in enrolment. In the early 1970s, the northern bishops decided to consolidate the activities of Upholland and Ushaw; from 1972 all junior seminarians in the north attended Upholland, and from 1975 all senior seminarians attended Ushaw.[3] Even as the sole junior seminary for the north of England, however, Upholland continued to suffer a decline in enrolment, and by the 1980s was no longer a traditional seminary but a "boarding school for boys considering a vocation".

In 1986 the total number of students was down to 82, of whom only 54 were Church students, and it was no longer viable to educate them on the premises. From 1987 the remaining students attended St. John Rigby College in nearby Orrell for their schooling, an arrangement that continued until the very last of these students left Upholland in 1992.​

















Thanks for lookin everyone :) Sadly didn't see the main chapel and a few other things we missed by the looks, nonetheless a good explore to have under your belt and feeling proud that i've done it :)

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