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Report - st josephs seminary Upholland Oct 13

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Props to jst and Will Knot for the intel.
Visited with SAt, Telf, Will Knot and MSP we rolled up after spotting Secca at the gate house and being aware of the tricky Pir on the first landing. we found our way in and started taking some photos but before long we happened upon the Pir that was all seeing and so it came to pass that we triggered the alarm that resulted in the police helicopter hovering overhead for a good 20 minutes whilst we tried to avoid the thermal cameras and stayed away from the windows but little did we know that there was a small army of police gathering outside so we pressed on regardless hoping that it would blow over..we were wrong.

some history
Saint Joseph's College was founded in 1880 by Bishop Bernard O'Reilly to be the Seminary serving the North West of England. The college was formally opened in 1883 and was situated in Walthew Park, Upholland, the geographic centre of the Diocese of Liverpool. Candidates for the priesthood studied and were ordained at the college. Up until the second Vatican Council boys as young as 11 years of age entered the Junior Seminary before progressing to the senior Seminary at 18. In 1972 following changes of policy the two junior seminaries of Saint Joseph's and Ushaw, along with the junior seminary of Saint Michael's, merged at Upholland, and in 1975, with declining numbers of men from Ireland offering themselves for the (now) Archdiocese of Liverpool the Senior seminary moved to Ushaw. In the 1980s Saint Joseph's offered boarding school education for boys considering a vocation up until 1987. From then until 1991, the building housed a small group of students who were still interested in a vocation to the priesthood, but rather than being schooled within the premises, they attended Saint John Rigby College, at Orrell.

it is gorgeous and we needed to get inside


and looking out was just as lovely

Looking into the centre of the seminary grounds from the 2nd floor

Possibly the best room in the place for me was the dorm with all of its little bedrooms


The bursars room with some lovely cabinets and the safe

kitchen utility cupbards

A mega fireplace and a shonkey floor

one of the posher bathrooms



The Chapel and el gruppo shot

The chapel entrance and what we think were two confessionals

SAt checking out the vegicarpet

more vegicarpet

Looking from a stairway outside, this place was stunning

This visit did not end well :(

Thanks for looking.


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