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Report - Belsize Park Deep Level Shelter, London - December 2020


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Very nice pics, enjoyed reading that! :thumb
The place looks in very good order. I hope not much damage has been done with some of these idiots getting in.
Those mercury arc rectifiers are beautiful and the colour you have lit it looks good. In operation they glow a bit more of a turquoise blue, I still remember seeing one in operation when I was a kid.
Cheers man, yeh I'm yet to see one in operation. Doubt I ever will if I'm honest. It would sure make for a nice ornament in the living room!


living in a cold world
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Although I want to add a side-note thanking the people who originally figured access to this place back in 2017. They know who they are but I don't wanna quote them to spare the PM onslaught.


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There's a fully working mercury arc rectifier at the Kempton Steam Museum. And the biggest steam powered pump you have ever seen.
I love Kempton.......the guys there are so enthusiastic
Spent a good 3hrs being shown around the steam engine they are now restoring.

there are actually 2 rectifiers at kempton,here’s a video description and demonstration



The shadow
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That’s Awsome ! Nice one

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