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Report (Permission Visit) RAF/MOD Sculthorpe


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I live nearby, Great Bircham. I often cycle to the airbase because I mess about up there with my friends. Here are my photos. Hope you enjoy!

RAF Sculthorpe is a military training facility for the United Kingdom's Ministry of Defence, about 3 mi (4.8 km) west of Fakenham in Norfolk, England. The airfield has been home to many visiting airmen and support crews of the RAF and United States Air Force. In 1997, the Ministry of Defence sold the entire technical, domestic and administrative site including the married quarters site previously occupied by the USAF to The Welbeck Estate Group. The technical areas are now used as a business park, though only 3-4 businesses are still there. There is multiple accommodation blocks left standing, though in very rough shape. The daycare building is still there, though in rough shape like all the buildings still standing. There is the MOD police station still standing, with some server equipment left there. The barracks (the in-tact ones) are used for businesses. There is still a standing petrol station in a bad state, which has a garage built onto it.
Currently, Wellbeck Estate own the technical site, they don't have security on site, and they don't seem to care about trespassing, so for the most part you're alright. However the airstrip is still in MOD hands and is used by the Us Air Force as training grounds














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It's a big place innit? All about the corridors. Good set.
Yeah, it's massive. I've still to venture into the police station properly, and get some pictures. I need to get some photos of Truman Hall too, I've been in there plenty of times but it's just corridors. It's best to go in the winter, the overgrowth isn't so bad then. As I said, I live nearby and cycle up there when I'm not working, good 9 mile round trip! I'll update this thread when I've got more content


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hi buddy,i went there recently but there was alot of activity going in so only went in the barracks,is there anyway of contacting someone to get permission?i got caught in raynham lol but the guy was ok just said because of the divs that vandalise thing it has ruined it for everyone else.

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