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28DL and UE in the News - Tower crane & access equipment - Feb 09 | 28DL and Urban Exploring in the News... |

28DL and UE in the News Tower crane & access equipment - Feb 09

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Sneak posted this elsewhere, so I thought I'd add it here too.

It's a trade mag, so no big licks, and it isn't really about ue as such.



They're Sneaks images.

It's also online.

Phoned the guy up and he seemed alright, I asked for a minimal cursory payment to which he agreed.

So I send an email to him with some details, and he replies to the effect of "I probably ought to be against what you are doing, but…. Find myself willing you on"

It turns out that I actually know his niece. In fact, we all do.

It's rookinella's Uncle, or so I guessed by his surname and the fact that he put "My niece does a similar thing to you in the Bath area, but not at height"

rofl. Small world int it.

Just sent him an email telling him to forget about the payment, and that a couple of copies of it in the post would be enough.


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Ahh yes my Uncle Leigh. Maybe I will read this month's copy when it comes through the letterbox.

EDIT: Ahh I found a copy, well done Bigjobs:)
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yup, the world is a dangerously small place :p

Is that a monthly mag then, cranes & access? Might have a read, take it its not a WHSmith type publication :S
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