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Report - Underground boating - Camdens haunted catacombs - April 2010


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OK, so I know what you are going to say, there's no such thing as ghosts, and even if there were it's not what 28DL does.

Now, normally, I would agree with you – but this one was different.

If there is no such thing as ghosts, or supernatural occurrences then explain this???

There were only two of us that set sail from Camden lock aboard our trusty inflatable Union Jack boats on a sunny Bank Holiday Monday.


(one trusty Union Jack boat!)

Drawing minimal interest from the crowds out enjoying the sun (well, OK, drawing lots of attention :p) we paddled off in search of the Camden Cattas.

Entering the mystical portal we entered a world that was tranquil and seemingly calm.


Bobbing along in the darkness it was bliss – or rather should have been!

And so we get back to the ghosts and ghoulies bit.

IF ghosts and daemons do not exist – where was that hissing noise coming from??

There were only Urbanity and myself down there in our little inflatable boats – and yet despite this there was a definite loud hissing noise – what could it be?

I certainly wasn't hissing, as far as I could tell Urbanity wasn't hissing – next you'll be telling me that an inflatable boat can hiss !

Oh, wait, er, whoops – maybe that explains the hissing noise – not to mention the rapidly shrinking hulk that was the SS Urbanity.

Unperturbed we pushed on, making dry land within the bowels of the cattas, with just enough air left to keep Mr Urbanity (and his camera kit) dry.

And so we were there, safe and sound, two intrepid explorers and two proud vessels (er, well, one proud vessel, and one that was auditioning for a part in a tea-bag advert)


It was this stage that our well honed emergency drill swung into action (well we dug out the duck-tape that had been purchased earlier)

One expert bit of invisible mending later we set off on foot to take a few snaps.


(Invisi-mend is a Trademark of Urbanity-Styru enterprises - bet you can't see the repair)









Our exit was a simple reversal of the grand voyage that was our entrance (although with added Urbanity-based prayers)

So, there we have it, Camden Cattas. Small, perfectly formed – but a fun way to risk drowning (well, OK, probably not actual drowning - but certainly risking the ridicule/scorn of the Bank Holiday crowds had we sunk - which would probably have been worse!)

EDIT: quick quote from Squirrell911 on the chatbox -

inflatable boats are like women dude, you only appreciate them after they have gone down on you


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Re: Camdens haunted catacombs - April 2010

This is why I let Styru write the reports. :thumb

And if anyone wants to buy a slightly used boat, I'm thinking of upgrading to an Explorer 200, so offers will be gratefully accepted.


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Re: Camdens haunted catacombs - April 2010

Quality report. SO well worded, Ive actually laughed out loud at work. I was genuinely lookign for a spooky picture.

Love the pictures of the arches. Looks like a scene from Phantom of the Opera


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Re: Camdens haunted catacombs - April 2010

Ha Ha top work lads!

Sty & Urb sitting in boats H-I-S-S-I-N-G!

I'll open the bidding on SS Urbanity with an offer of 50p :crazy
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Re: Camdens haunted catacombs - April 2010

Hehe - made me chuckle :)

Write a book on your exploits styru, and I'll be first in the queue at the local bookstore... well, I'll Amazon pre-order it anyway ;)


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Re: Camdens haunted catacombs - April 2010

Got to be worth more than that. I have a "part used" packet of Marlborough Lights with 4, yes 4 ciggies left in it. I think a straight swap is on the cards!!!


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Re: Camdens haunted catacombs - April 2010

I'm glad this place is still accessible, rumour had it this place was sealed.